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Welcome to “The American Aurora”, the modern-day counterpart of the Philadelphia Newspaper whose publishers were jailed under the “Alien and Sedition Act” for printing the un-whitewashed truth about the affairs of our National Government.  The test case for our first amendment rights, the story of  the original “American Aurora” is an all but forgotten chapter in our history.

We will tell the story of the “American Aurora”, of our founding fathers, and of the Constitution they wrought as a bit in the mouth of goverment, with the reins to be held by “We, the People”…and how that Constitution was subverted, then and today.

An inconvenient truth has come to light.  In the original “Articles of Amendment”, known more commonly as “The Bill of Rights”, there were TWELVE amendments proposed.  The first of these, referred to as “Article the First”, was penned to provide for a guarantee of proportional representation in the House of Representatives.  As originally written, it called for an upper limit on constituency size, over three tiers…an initial upper limit of 30,000 persons per district, a rise to 40,000 per district once the number of Representatives reached 100, and a final increase to 50,000 per district once “The People’s House” had grown to 200 Representatives.  The phrase “so regulated by Congress” was added, but, in fact, the proposed amendment was “so regulated by mathematics”.

A last-minute change in the text of a single word, intended to establish a “floor” on the final district size, was recorded correctly in the report of Senator Oliver Ellsworth of Connecticut, but incorrectly re-transcribed by House Clerk Beckley.  The resulting misplacement of the change made the text mathematically inoperable.  Fortunately, the original Ellsworth report still exists, demonstrating that the “Copies” transmitted to the States contained a “Scrivener’s Error” as a result of a “Clerk’s Error”.  Further, it is a fortunate happenstance that the foresight of our founding fathers made the Constitutional Law-Making Process more protected from such error – that interpretation of any amendment must follow the logic of the whole article, not the absurdity of a single phrase that does not comply in form to the rest of the amendment.

A lawsuit is pending in the Federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals, with oral arguments scheduled in Philadelphia (across the street from Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center), to compel recognition of the ratification of Article the First, and to apply it under the 2010 Decennial Census to the present apportionment of the House.

Docket # 12-1171, “LaVergne v. Bryson, et al”, is the suit, and the Final Brief and Addendum may be found at NationalTruth.org.

In short, it was discovered in the Fall of 2011 that both Connecticut and Kentucky had, in fact, ratified Article the First by 1792.  This is significant, because, with the 10 known ratifications already found in our history books, the total of the the then fifteen States to have ratified was now known to be 12…80%, which exceeds the required 75% for it to be enacted as the law of the land.

What this means, in short, is that Congress should have over 6175 Representatives seated after this next election.



Whenever any part of our government breaks faith with the Constitution, we will tell the story.  They are not the only ones who swore to protect and defend and uphold the Constitution.


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