What is a “Democratic-Republican”?

A friend at the Department of Energy asked me an important question a while back – it bears repeating, as does the answer. – Fred

The following is the running commentary on Facebook,

Drew *********

Fred, what is a “democratic-republican”?

Frederick John LaVergne

The Democratic-Republican Party (“Anti-Federalist”) was founded in the 1790′s by Jefferson and Madison when Jefferson sought the Presidency. The Democratic-Republicans formed to counteract the policies of Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists. Deeply committed to republicanism (small “R”, not as in the modern Republican Party), State’s Rights, Individual Rights, and to thwart the monarchical tendencies of the Federalists, the Democratic-Republicans managed to elect Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and John Quincy Adams to successive terms in the office of the President, and controlled the Congress throughout this period. They also supported the French Revolutionaries, which is how we got to the table with Napoleon in the Louisiana Purchase.

Jefferson and his fellow Democratic-Republicans were strict Constitutional Constructionists – what we would today call Constitutional Conservatives – but they were more Liberal when the issues concerned individual freedoms. It is forgotten by many that the Federalists, led by John Adams, were responsible for the “Alien and Sedition Acts”, violating the new Constitution’s allocation of civil rights, specifically Free Speech, Free Press, and Right to Assemble.

We defend the Constitution AS IT IS, with the understanding that the rule of law contained within is a tool in the hands of the PEOPLE, to regulate CONGRESS, and not the other way around. The Constitution is brilliantly written, to allow for change as needed/demanded by the People. Unfortunately, in our time, the Constitution is perverted to inhibit the People’s will in favor of that of Corporate Lobbyists and Special Interests.

Both the Democratic Party, founded by the “Jacksonians” in the 1820′s, and the Republican Party, founded in the 1850′s, attempt to wrap themselves in the mantle of the Founding Fathers, but today BOTH have BROKEN FAITH with the People they are to serve, instead becoming Self-Serving Oligarchies. They have failed us, they have divided us. 80% of the New Jersey Electorate refers to themselves as “independent”.  With less than 20% total of the REGISTERED DEMOCRATS and REGISTERED REPUBLICANS showing up for the Primary Election, it is more than apparent that the voters are not satisfied with the choices with which they are presented.  In fact, on further examination of the primary balloting process, it has become apparent that the true number of individuals at the polls this time was less than 10% of the ballots cast for NJ Assembly in 2011 – the standard needed to maintain major party status.

To Promote REAL CHANGE, we have gone to the PEOPLE, and found fiscal conservatives who believe in the rights and freedoms of others – who hold the Constitution as sacred. That is who we are. When forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, you are still choosing evil. We’re not everywhere in THIS election, but, when we prevail in the Courts, we will most certainly have an opportunity to take back the People’s House.

We are actively fought tooth and nail by the Two-Party Establishment, of which BOTH SIDES are beholden to the same Lobbyists and Special Interests. The original structure of the HOUSE in Article the First would utterly thwart the Present Two-Party Roadblock to excellence. Remember, the enemy of excellence is “Good Enough”.

The most dangerous person to an established dominance in government is the person who, having lost everything, still has his values and morals intact.

The Democratic and Republican Parties are actively preventing us from using our Party Name, which historically predates their own. My Ballot Petitions were marked up AFTER I SIGNED AND SUBMITTED THEM by a Clerk, acting on instruction from an Administration Attorney, to read “No Slogan Submitted” – I will post the picture of it later today – I did not assent to that, nor do I now.

We are the “Democratic-Republicans”.

Now, aren’t you sorry you asked? ;)

Drew *******  Nope! Good to know, and good luck!

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