Welcome to The American Aurora.

Welcome to “The American Aurora” – The Story of Free Speech in America and how our own government tried to restrict it in the years following the ratification of the “Articles of Amendment”, more commonly known as ”The Bill of Rights”.  The Alien and Sedition Acts were in direct violation of the Constitution each of them had sworn to uphold.  As difficult as it may be to believe – similar censorship continues today. Our purpose is to educate the people of our Nation as to the rights they are guaranteed under our Constitution.

The pages of this blog are to promote the true history of our Nation, to serve as a beacon in the approaching storm.  We are, indeed, a Nation divided, but we have been driven to that division by artifice and greed.  WE, the PEOPLE, are the only ones who can divert our present course, returning ourselves to the values that made us.

With malice toward none – with charity to all…

If only we can adhere to our own standards.

This site is run by the Democratic-Republican Party Organization.  While comments are welcome, it must be understood that we are a private political enterprise, and not a public forum – therefore, we reserve the right to what may or may not be said here – just as you would show an unwanted guest the door, we will protect the quality of the posts here.  Common sense rules.  Differing opinions and ideas are welcome.  Ad hominen attacks, falsehood, or spamming are not.

We won’t always agree with one another – but we can be both civil and respectful in our disagreement.

Don’t like what you read here?  Don’t read it.





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