A thorough House-cleaning is in order…

If you, alone, went into a voting booth in an election, and pulled a lever for President, Vice President, Senator, Congressman, Freeholder (1), Freeholder (2), Sheriff, Mayor, and DOG CATCHER….

How many VOTERS are YOU?

According to the Democratic and Republican Parties in New Jersey, over the last 40 years or so – There are NINE of YOU.

That’s right – in violation of logic and “one man, one vote”…the Republicans and Democrats have falsely maintained “major party” status, garnering them a secure ballot line without having to “petition” for a ballot position, and a STATE-FUNDED primary election, because of exactly that sort of phony mathematics.

Not only that, but the Board of Elections has assisted them in promoting this fiction of support, guaranteeing the two bad actors in this “Left-Side” columns as ‘preferred real estate’.

Earlier this month, the Counsel for the Board had the audacity to AFFIRM, in her argument before Judge Wolffson, that the two so-called “MAJOR” parties were specifically entitled to special treatment – flying in the face of the Constitution she swore to uphold.

We were already ON the ballot, so this was in no way a “Ballot Access” Case, and yet the Judge saw fit not only to treat it as an “Access” case, rather than a “Position” case, she failed to apply the correct standard of Judicial Scrutiny in the case.

It seems that the FEDERAL Third Circuit Court of APPEALS agrees, as they not only agreed to HEAR the appeal on these grounds, they have discarded the entirety of the NJ Proceedings, intending to go forward de Novo on the merits and evidence in the case as presented.

Not only that, the Third Circuit has stated that they will begin deciding the case on Monday, to allow time for a ballot machine change before the election.

Why is this important?

Firstly, it’s compelling the State and the two-party corrupt system we are saddled with to comply with FEDERAL Law – and not just this November, but forever afterward.

Secondly, because of how the State tallies “VOTERS” in the primary elections, the “key” to major party status, it is almost certain that they will ALSO find that the Republican Party has failed to tally sufficient community response under New Jersey’s own statutes to warrant them having even a ballot COLUMN.

Let me repeat that – The Republican Party failed to maintain major party status in NJ, and may not receive a column on the Ballot…placing all of their candidates RANDOMLY on the right side with the independent candidates who are NOT in a qualified ballot column.

The may also lose their right to a State-funded primary for next year’s State-wide election.

The standard that applies is 10% of the votes cast for NJ Assembly in the prior year’s election.  As Lt. Gov. Guadagno has certified, that total is a little over 2.67 MILLION votes cast.  (sad, since that’s not even 50% of the registered voters in the State.)

That means that the so-called major parties needed only 267000 or so voters to show up at the primaries.

Thanks to the fight in Bill Pascrell’s district in North Jersey, the Democrats squeaked by on their FACTUAL tally of voters on June 5th in their primary.  Were it not for the disputed primary, where Menendez and company tried to unseat an incumbent from within their own party due to the Senator’s personal dislike of Mr. Pascrell’s more moderate “independent” voice in Congress by running a crony of theirs from outside the district, the Democrats would not have met the necessary standard EITHER.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, they are about 50,000 votes short.

Let’s put that in perspective.

They needed 10% of LESS THAN HALF of the NJ registered voters.  They failed to reach even that total.

That’s “overwhelming evidence” of community support?

In fact, even adding BOTH PARTY’s total ballots cast together, they fail to reach 10% of the total REGISTERED VOTERS in NJ.

Yet they run the show, and exclude everyone else – bullying independent candidates, restricting their rights to assemble, and denying them fair ballot access – all with the support of the State department charged with insuring a fair and equitable balloting process.

Is the media in the tank with them?  Let’s look in my district – District Three.

Ocean County College is hosting a debate, but has only invited the Democratic and Republican Candidates, because “no other candidates” have demonstrated more than 15% support in the community.

I guess it should be pretty quiet next week at the debate, because, according to REAL polling records – those actually taken by polling the people of NJ in a balloting process – neither party has even 10% support, so NOBODY qualifies to be at a podium in this debate.

Of course, the Ocean County College debate sponsor, WOBM, decided their 15% on the basis of a telephone poll – the details of which we have no information on.  Did they only call Republican or Democrat voters on the voting lists from the County?

Did they ask “Will you be voting democrat or republican?” ?  That is rather like asking “of the 26 letters of the alphabet, do you like A or B better?

The voter lists in NJ OVERWHELMINGLY show voters registered as independents – more than 50% are “undeclared”.  That means that, on the basis of registration alone, neither party can claim more than about 25% support, and even that is a fiction, because, years ago, voters registering for the first time were told they had to choose between “D” and “R”, so many are registered as democrats or republicans “by default”.

Not only is this debate rigged – the last one was, too.

No independents were invited to the League of Women Voters’ debate in Medford Leas, which must have given both Runyan and Adler cause to breathe a sigh of relief.  Why?

Because, as all present other than “those two” at the Asbury Park Press Editorial Board Review will tell you, there was a clearly dominant presence in the room – and it was an independent.

That independent was me – so much so that two of my competing independent candidates are withdrawing -  TO ENDORSE ME, and to help support the Democratic-Republican party’s agenda, including the “Change the Rules” pledge.

Real audio of the Asbury Park Press is available on youtube.com, posted by candidate Robert Witterschein.  He’s staying in the race, for now, pending Monday’s decision.

In that audio, you can hear what Shelley Adler and John Runyan had to say on specific topics – including Mr. Runyan’s taking the position verbally that the retirement age should be raised to 75….only to be brought up short when the moderator said “but your written answers say you wouldn’t raise the retirement age…”

John’s response?  “They DO?”

Are you telling me we’re supposed to elect a guy who doesn’t even know what the party staff wrote in doing HIS homework for him?

He was less than soft-spoken – almost timid.  He sat rigidly in his chair, never making direct eye-contact with the interviewers, and concentrating, as though trying to remember his lines.

Ms. Adler came off as snarky, and continuously spouted her much-used talking points rather than giving relevant answers, all negative toward Mr. Runyan – several of which have been oft-reported as “less than accurate”.

There was no “leadership” in evidence from either of the two “majors”.

To the apparent frustration of the moderators, she had to be asked THREE TIMES what her plans were to help break the grid-lock in Congress.  After ignoring the question by explaining how John Runyan is bad for her district (she doesn’t live here), she finally espoused that “It’s time for new people in Congress”

I couldn’t agree more, Ms. Adler.  I think a thorough “House” cleaning is in order.

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2 Responses to A thorough House-cleaning is in order…

  1. AmericanAurora says:

    Sadly, the Appellate division decided that the case would be better addressed “upstairs”, so they wrote an opinion guaranteeing our appeal, using the already discarded argument of the prior decision as the basis, and Hurricane Sandy as the basis for their delay in responding. Curious, indeed, however is that the deadlines were all met in time for the decision, AND the Courts accepted and notified an appearance motion from a substitute counselor for Hudson County two days AFTER the decision was to have been rendered – so there is no question that the Court was still meeting electronically. The decision would undoubtedly have caused some chaos in re-printing and re-distributing the ballots, but the truth is worth the inconvenience.

  2. AmericanAurora says:

    So, now, it’s on to the Supreme Court of the United States, with both the Ballot Position Suit AND the Article the First Suit.

    Never let it be said that the Democratic-Republican Party is not in there swingin’ to protect YOUR rights.

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